Thursday, March 1, 2007

Science Fair

It was Science Fair at our school yesterday. I made a flip-o-rama to show. Mum said it was a demonstration of optical illusion. When the teacher said that it was time for students from our class to set up our project, I almost changed my mind and chickened out. I was nervous and did not know what I could tell the judges about my display. Fortunately, mom was volunteering at our school that day and saw me sneaking back to the classroom. She told me that it would be fun.

I went and put my flip-o-rama on the table set up for our class. I looked at projects the older kids did, and tried out one which was about electricity. I only had to tell one teacher what my project was. She said that the tricking the eyes part was certainly science.

It was fun. I got to spend some time at the fair, and everyone who participated got a certificate.