Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maple Syrup

Our breakfast this morning was waffles with our HOME MADE MAPLE SYRUP! The maple syrup tasted sort of like cotton candy mixed with normal maple syrup.

We put taps on 3 trees Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, when we returned from swimming at the Y, we had a jug full of sap. Dad said it was about 10 litres. Dad boiled the sap all Sunday evening and all Monday. By dinner time on Monday, mom announced that the maple syrup was done. Shade and I got to lick the pot which was used for boiling down the sap. Delicious!

Daddy thought that the syrup was not thick enough. After dinner, he poured it back into a small pot to boil on the stove. It boiled over and CAUGHT FIRE! Daddy had put out the fire real quick and cleaned up the mess before mom came home from her yoga class. But he told her all about the adventure. Mom did not get mad. She just laughed and said that we should still have at least enough for the following morning.

Sure enough, there was some left over after Shade and I had each had 4 waffles, Moochie 2, and mom and dad 3 each. We had a big breakfast!