Monday, February 26, 2007

My cat blanket

Dad said to call me Moochie. I love my cat blanket. Auntie Pam made it and gave it to me when I was only one day old. I have been sleeping with my blanket since the day I went home. There are many cats on the blanket. They all look different. The blanket is very soft. I like holding it against my face.

My blanket goes everywhere with me. When ma ma comes to get me out of the crib in the morning, I always hand her the blanket first. I have to put it down in the playroom when having breakfast, because mommy said that the maple syrup might make it sticky.

One time we went to Toronto. It was a long time in the carseat. Good thing I cuddled up with my blanket the whole time. When we arrived at the hotel, daddy would not let me carry my blanket up to the room. He said that I might drag it on the floor and make it very dirty. He put in on the luggage cart. I cried until we got into our room and daddy gave me back the blanket.

Sometimes, mommy asks me, "When do you think I can wash you blanket?" Daddy will say, "When he's 15, maybe?"